I’m Baaack! Where Have I Been? (+ A Birthday Haul)


Helloooo! I’m back… only a month a little bit later than promised haha. I originally planned to do this post just after my birthday in the second week of December, but then work was hectic until Christmas… Then Christmas was hectic (yano, due to the whole Christmas Festivities thing) and by the time I was back chilling again my exam results were due in a week and I didn’t want to do one post then disappear for another 2 months while I retook the exam ETC ETC…

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BUT… I got my exam results on Friday and I (somehow) managed to get 84 (70% is a pass so that is pretty good)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t ask me how, cos IDK. But that means I’m done. I am officially fully qualified and I plan on having a year out before continuing with some further studies (probably some tax qualifications but we’ll see).

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So yeah, that’s how I am. Super excited after 3.5 years of tough study I AM BAAACK. So what I am doing is a kind of congested birthday haul alongside some ramblings of what’s been going on while I’ve been gone.


I got super spoilt by my family, BB’s family and BB for my birthday, which made me so happy (and took my mind off impending exam results lol).


BB’s family got me a lovely jumper from NEXT and some scottish terrier socks. My parents got me a Hollister hoody (which I love but can never seem to warrent spending money on myself) and moooore socks! (i am currently up to over 120 pairs)


BB also got me a new make-up storage thingy (my tiny bag I used to use was spilling everywhere and it was driving him mad) along with a brush holder because he wasn’t sure which one I’d prefer so he got me both lol.

He also got me a Jeffree Starr lipstick and 3 Morphe eyeshadow brushes (obviously, originally picked out my moi and to be spoke about in further detail when I do an updated ‘what’s in my bag’ post)

I got myself some foundation and a new beauty blender too because, well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


BB also got me a new mousemat, a bluetooth speaker and a torch light. All for very practical reasons; my mousemat was grossing him out, me singing in the shower was making him deaf, and me leaving the bedroom light on to read until gone midnight was doing his head in.


BB also bought me my first ever Morphe pallette which I have had unlimited fun with thus far!

One other thing BB got me was a ring sizer….. Although it has been way over a month now and still no ring *cough cough*


My parents got me all of the above books. I love Miranda Hart (fun fact, I watch Miranda on TV while I go to sleep every night) and I am constantly trying to find new healthy food books, so that was super cool.

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Between my parents and my grandparents I have finally got the full collection of Glee, as well as the latest Sims 4 EP (yet to play, eeergh) and a Harvest Moon Game (is great, fyi). My parents then bought me Pokemon Soul Silver for Christmas so I haven’t played much in general except for that.

Luckily, the time off (as well as gifts for Birthdays & Christmas) has given me a few blogging ideas so I have a few things coming up, as well as a few posts I am going to prewrite after this one ready to publish over the week. I am going to be doing an empties, a new ‘whats in my bag’ type blog, some book reviews, probably some unnecessary ramblings and I’m also bringing back Weigh-In Wednesday!

Thank you for reading.

Tizz xx


  1. Well done for passing your exam with great results 😄😄 you have been really spoilt with all your nice gifts 😊😊 I haven’t played the new Sims or a Harvest Moon so I will have to keep an eye out for a copy 😊😊

    1. Ah thank you so much! You are doing an accounting qualification aren’t you? I’m sure i remember you putting that on one of your old posts?x

      1. Yes I am haha I have two exams coming up and I’m bricking it 😅😅 xxx

        1. Ah, are you doing the AAT?xx

          1. Yeah I am what level did you do?? Xxx

          2. I’ve just finished level 4! But I work in practise and have done now for nearly 4 years so I found it a lot easier than others did. 🙂 what are you on?xxx

          3. Wow that’s amazing and level 4 is really hard as well. I went in at level 3 and I’ve been working in Finance for a while xxx

          4. Actually it wasn’t too bad! The synoptic was a killer but i managed 84% and altogether an average of 85% on all my exams (MDCL was actually the worst of all exams) how are you finding level 3? With AQ2016?xxx

          5. I’m dreading the synoptic 😫😫 Thats pretty good well done 🙂 it’s ok just difficult cus I haven’t got all of the basics I would have picked up level 2. Yes it is will aq2016 xxx

          6. Don’t dread it! My boss gave me some really good written advice if you ever want it. She used to be a marker for the AAT and a lecturer too haha. We did L3 with AQ2013 and the ethics exam was an absolute nightmare so don’t panic as they’ve incorporated it into the synoptic xxx

          7. You’re soo lucky!! Yes please anything to help it all sink. I have advance bookkeeping and management accounts costing in 2weeks. I’m fine with costing but not soo good on bookkeeping. Thank you so much for your help xxx

          8. That’s fine. If you want to message me on Twitter or something I can give u my number and we can go through some bits?xxx

  2. Congratulations on passing your exam. You got such wonderful gifts!

  3. Your present look slike my sisters dream! Shes a fan of sims and miranda! Congrats on your amazing result too!

    Emily xx


  4. I love that makeup storage thingy!

    1. Yes me too! Bb must have spent ages looking for the perfect thing bless him x

  5. Lovely post! I believe studies should always come first and congratulations on your score you did really well. Loved all the gifts you received. Belated happy birthday to you. Even my birthday was in December and I enjoyed a lot. The Morphe palette is stunning. 🙂

    1. Ah happy belated birthday to you too!! Thank u 🙂 xx

  6. Congrats on those results! Good to have you back x x

  7. So happy you’re back! I really want that Morphe palette, but I already have too many!

    1. Haha it was my first so I’m still in awe of the pigment!! Thank u xx

  8. Oh wow, ongratulations on your exam result! I love the look of that Morphe palette


    1. Thank u so much!!! Aww yeah I love it lol x

  9. Congratulations on passing your exam and glad you had a wonderful birthday! It’s such a good feeling coming back to blogging after taking a break, right!? Love a ‘what’s in my bag series’!

    Sophie | http://www.trafotoz.com

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I felt like the energy release yesterday when I wrote a few posts up ready for this week!! Ah I love them too I’m so nosy lol xx

  10. CONGRAT ON YOUR TEST SCORE!!! That is wonderful to hear! Thank for such a lovely update.

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