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Hello! Before I start, I’m just going to apologise for the #~christmassy~# photo, BUT I read this book over my Christmas holidays and originally was going to upload it the same day (whooopsie!)

I’ve mentioned about 100 times, about how I am re-reading old books from when I was younger and this book was next on the list. Jinx by Meg Cabot. Meg Cabot is best known for The Princess Diaries, which I re-read and spoke about in this post.

When I looked this book up on goodreads it was inundated in bad/mediocre reviews about how the book wasn’t great so I was a bit nervous to read this again in case it ruined my original thoughts.


Those were the first two reviews on the book, BTW.

I mean, I get what they mean, the way Meg Cabot writes all of her characters are very similiar. But I don’t mind that. I like to read a lot of different authors to get diversity, and sometimes a bit of familiarity is comforting.

This book was short and snappy, and I read the whole thing in one sitting (amidst the disgusting chocolate covered pages from my childhood, yucky yucky) and I definitely still enjoyed it.

I found Jean endearing, and I found her love interest to be sweet. I remembered 50% of the plot, 25% came back to me during the read and the remaining 25% took me by surprise again.

This isn’t a book to read if you want a gritty storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seats, but if you just want an easy read to get you through an afternoon then this is definitely for you. And, I think, if you like The Princess Diaries then it is pretty likely that you will appreciate this book too.

I enjoyed reading it again, and don’t think it deserves such harsh criticism (although I do have a soft spot for Meg Cabot just for bringing us The Princess Diaries) lol.

I think next I will be re-reading the Georgia Nicolson series (AKA my favourite series ever) so that’ll probably be rambled about at somepoint. Dave the Laugh or Robbie? Opinions?

Thanks for reading.

Tizz xx

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