A Tambeauty Make-up Haul!


Hi guys! So, as expected, when Wednesday’s weigh day came I did not lose weight (har har) so INSTEAD I am going to be doing a bit of a make-up haul. I will update you on my weight next week and I’m sure you will enjoy my generally crap dieting antics.

After promising BB that I would cut out spending money I got an e-mail from Tambeauty regarding a free gift if £30 was spent………. Easy.

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FYI, any links to products are affiliated but was defo not sponsored for this post.


So that is everything I received, for only spending… £30.29 or something (I purchased a 30p lip balm that tastes like refreshers to get the order up lol.)


First up is the face products. The items I purchased here was the Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighter Rose Quartz (£4.00 here), the Makeup Revolution Bake & Finish Powder (£5.00 here) and the Makeup Revolution Soph Highlighter Palette (£8.00 here).

That means that my free gifts was the other Gradient Highlighter (wouldn’t have got one if I knew it would be a free gift, doh), the Freedom Pro Blush and the Freedom Pro Glow.


The swatch I did definitely didn’t look that messy until I edited the photo lol.

I didn’t swatch the blushes or the cheetah print highlighter, but I haven’t actually reaaaally used them.

Swatches of the Pro Blush Palette

The Pro Blush Palette by Freedom was definitely my favourite free gift of all. It is in the shade ‘bronze & baked’ and you can currently buy it for £3.90 from Tambeauty!!!! I really love the bronzy shades, they aren’t too pigmented which for me is brilliant as I am brutal with bronzer if let loose.

The rest of the shades are quite shimmery, and I tried using the pinky shades for blush but they left me looking odd, so I have opted to using them as highlighters or eyeshadows instead.


I had to buy the Sophdoesnails highlight palette after buying her eyeshadow palette (which I spoke about here… FYI, my opinion still stands I still use it nearly every day!)

The highlight does not disappoint. Honestly, I s2g I spend longer getting ready now in the morning because I zone out staring at the shiiiiiny colours. I’ve been using the first 2 shades of each row as highlighter, and the 2nd two shades of each row as eyeshadow and I have been glowing to the godssss!


IDK why, but I lined the concealer up with the lipsticks instead of the face products…….. Don’t ask why??

Out of the lips (/undereye) products I only actually purchased the concealer. I’m sure you’ve heard loads about this concealer already but IF NOT, then it is only £4.00 here at Tambeauty!


I’m sure I have already received this purple lipstick (third in) which I was going to review in my blogtober posts but after I tried a similar colour from PS Beauty I thiiiink I decided against it. You can see the hideousness that are my lips in that post here!

The other two lipsticks I haven’t actually tried yet, neither of them are really my shades but I might get use out of them at some point…

Now, onto the concealer ♥. I am super duper happy. It is so nice and creamy and lovely. It was the actual reason for my original haul (yes I spent £30 just because I wanted a £4 concealer) and looking back now, if I knew that I’d get a free blush I would have definitely bought another shade of this bad boy too. The shade I got was C4 which is okaaay, but I think I would have preferred a shade lighter to really brighten up under my eyes.


I only purchased one item from the eye items I received. This was the I Heart Makeup Chocolate Orange Palette which was £8.99 here.


The first swatch is of the single eyeshadow and then the Capricorn quad thingy. I received the Scorpio one in my last free gift (which you can read the review for here i promise I will stop plugging my old posts soon, sorry!) and FYI, still not had the Sagittarius palette, I feel like I actually want to buy it now just so I have the right star sign.

I actually forgot I had recieved either of these eyeshadows due to the palette I bought…



I’ve never tried any I Heart Makeup eyeshadow before (although I have seen it scattered around the website) so I bought this on a whim.. And because I really fancy some chocolate since I started dieting lol. I swear, subliminal feelings.

ANYWAY… This eyeshadow palette is gorgeous!!! I have been using this paired with my Sophdoesnails palette every. single. day. for work. My morphe palette has even been untouched the last few days since I purchased this. I really really love it.


So yeah, that was my haul. As usual, some of the free gifts were great and others were a bit moo but oh well, didn’t pay for them anyway 😉

Thanks for reading,

Tizz xx


  1. I would definitely use those eye shadows as well! They are so gorgeous!!

  2. Thats quite a bit of stuff. The soph x palette is my favourite. I think the colours are gorgeous!

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