Weigh in Wednesday – What is this?

Hi guys! So I did a poll on twitter one day last week about whether or not you guys would be interested in me letting you all into my life a bit re my (constant) weightloss journey. 94% of you thought it’d be a good idea so here we are!


So… What is ‘Weigh in Wednesday’ going to be about?

I’ll be updating you on my weight at the beginning and the end of each week (Mon-Sun) and talking about what I’ve eaten, any exercise (lol) I probably haven’t may have done during the week and just any other funny #~anecdotes~# that have happened in the week.

Have I got much weight to lose?

My weight has yo-yo’ed between 75kg and 90kg in the last 4 years, mainly since BB and I got together. When I weighed myself at the beginning of this week I was the heaviest I had ever been at 98.7kg. This was a massive shock to the system lol. I have always been a ‘bigger’ girl – minus a spell about 4-5 years ago where I got down to 68kg and maintained for about 3 months – but I had never been bigger than a size 14 (UK). I would like to be close to that again. A comfortable size 12 is my aim, really. Whatever weight I am with that is what I am.

When BB and I got back from Watford I had purchased some size 16 jumpers, in the plea of having some oversized hoodies to wear, when the time came…….. they weren’t oversized at all. They just fit. This was a pretty big thing for me. And rather than wearing them I have stored them away ready for them to be oversized jumpers when I’ve lost weight, lol.

It is my birthday & the Christmas season starting about 6 weeks from now and I’d love to have lost a stone by then (to put on again by Christmas, lol).

Let’s get started…

Weight 17.10.17 – 98.7kg

Weight 22.10.17 – 97.7kg

Loss – 1kg (2.2lbs)

This loss wasn’t as good as a normal week 1 loss, but there are a few reasons for that. The first is that I actually started on Tuesday rather than Monday (we do the weekly shop Monday evening every week and OMG I so wanted to be good but we just had no food and so ate shit sorry) and the second is I did absolutely no rigorous exercise this week.

I’m not gonna lie to you, BB and I weren’t amaaazing diet wise this week. We had popcorn 2 evenings for puddingh, cookies Friday night and after tidying today we were so hungry we went out and had scones with jam and cream. BUT, compared to the amount we were eating (one day I had a chippy for lunch w/ battered sausage, a chinese for dinner and then a whole tub of haagen daaz for afters HA…ha.) I think that our body was still pretty pleased that we had stopped filling it with absolute shite.

I did some shopping at some point this week, I originally was going to do a New Look haul, but I text BB asking him to give me a budget for clothes (I am trying to save so this is standard procedure lol) and he said £30.00. SO I decided to use everything5pounds.com instead. I only ever shop there really when I am buying clothes that I will not be wearing for long. Weightloss transition clothes I call them.


I got all of the clothes in either a size 16 or 18 depending on what fit I wanted but OMG the jeans. I read that you should buy them a size up (I am usually a 14 in jeans) so I got an 18, just to make sure they would definiteeeely fit. Guess what? Too freakin’ small! They don’t even nearly fit lol. Can’t even get a leg in. I reckon I’ll be wearing these jeans when I am at goal weight.

BB and I also had a compleeeeete tidy up over the weekend. On Saturday we sorted out all of my clothes (in our bedroom we have 2 wardrobes and 2 chest of draws and 3/4 of the clothes in them were mine). We ended up filling up 3 large vacuum pack bags full of my clothes that are either too small or still had tags on.

Sunday we had a blitz of the flat. There were a few boxes of random crap that had compiled into the corners of our living room and study so they went. Altogether I managed to burn 635 calories alone just tidying and sorting out the living room. BB beat me though, he burnt just under 800 doing the kitchen. MEN! He is skinnier than me too, euuurgh.


We were quite good with dinners, mainly having meat with veg and one small portion of carbs (e.g. rice or pasta) BUT it was lunchtimes and snacking where I screwed up. Wednesday after my exam we went to Sainsburys and I ate a wispa gold and then on Saturday after buying stuff from Wilkos I ate a nougat. I also ended up having something in a wrap everyday for lunch even after promising myself I would just have scrambled eggs…

Image result for eating food gif

We’re picking up the exercise bike from my mums on Tuesday (so by the time this post is published it should be sitting, clogging up space somewhere whippee!) and we’re going to fix my actual bike sometime over the week too so that we can do more exercise next week. Running is definitely something I want to pick back up, BUT it is so damn dark outside by the time I finish work. Pooh.

Goals for next week!

  1. Get off my fat arse and do a workout/cycle 3 – 5 times
  2. At least 10,000 steps a day (meant to do this week but it rained so bad I just couldn’t bring myself to run further than Tescos……….. for cake (jokkkkeeeee))
  3. NO BREAD/PASTA/RICE FOR LUNCH (note to self, wraps still have carbs in them OK)
  4. Another 2 pounds would be nice but after the scone fiasco today I think just 1 will be an easier task to achieve.
  5. When the family are down on Saturday do not gorge self (already lol’ing at this, sorry)

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I have struggled with my weight for so damn long, it is nice to be able to make a bit of fun and a joke out of it.

Thank you for reading



  1. This is wonderful I can’t wait to follow you on your journey!

  2. Amazing goals, and I know you got thisssss!!! 💜

    El @ Exclusory

  3. that is so amazing girl! you def can do it you are strong and powerful! keep saying tis to yourself.
    I started my diet yesterday so we can be buds in this journey I’d be fantastic to have someone to talk to I guess so if you need anything contact me on twitter @xmaryslife xx

    1. Yes definitely!!! Omg we shall. Already had a bumpy start due to bbs car breaking down but oh well 😂😂😂zxz

      1. ahah I’m having troubles with my workouts instead!! xx

        1. We have an exercise bike! And I’m training to do a bike ride but still mahoooosive xx

          1. I have that too but I get sooo bored xx

          2. I know!!!! I struggle to do 10 minutes on the bike 😂 I get so bored then just get off and sit on the sofa xx

          3. that’s an interesting idea!! xx

  4. You’ve got this! Best of luck, and I can’t wait to follow you on your journey!!x

    Judanna xo // http://www.judanna.blogspot.com

  5. This is a great post! I can’t wait to read your journey, you’ve got this!!💪🏻💪🏻X

  6. Well done!! Looking forward to following your journey xx

  7. Great post! Can’t wait to continue to read your journey!!

  8. Lovely post! I love Joe Wicks, I hope you get to your goal weight ☺️

  9. Love you blog name! Good luck, your smash it 🙂

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  11. […] Hi guys! So I am committing to this, I am going to update you with my week and weightloss every. single. week. EVEN if it has been a repeat of this week. This is my second week of posting, if you want to read last weeks then you can here! […]

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