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Hi guys! I’ve been meaning to speak about this eyeshadow palette for what feels like forever but I decided (for some reason who knows why???) to start blogtober so now I’m waaaaay late. If any of you still remember this is the Makeup Revolution Soph x eyeshadow palette. FYI, this is one of my super favourites.


love watching sophdoesnails on Youtube – she is so cute and she’s always so full of energy. I am not usually one to buy something just because a name has been stuck on it (altho I also kind of want the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette now – and I don’t even ever watch Jaclyn Hill) but I just couldn’t resist after seeing this palette.

You can grab this palette for £10.00 on either Tambeauty or Superdrug. There are 24 individual shadows in this, meaning that each shadow is roughly 41.67p. They are good sized shadows too, not tiny but also not too big that means the palette is a pain to carry around.

I am completely pants at eyeshadow, so I purchased this because I thought it looked kind of diverse – but not too diverse that I wouldn’t end up using it (aka 99% of the other make-up revolution palettes that I own which have 1 or 2 shades I like and then 93473294732 others that I would never use????) and I reaaally wanted to practise and become a #~beauty guru~# lol.


The first row had four matte shades and two shimmery shades. These are the colours I usually grab for the base of my eyelid, sometimes I use the end colour to darken my crease??? (is that right who knows)


The second row had four shimmery shades and two matte shades. I use these shadows usually on my crease… I am so crap with eye terminology haha I use it in other places too. I really love that first, almost gold, shade.


The third row has two shimmery shades and four matte shades. These colours feel really autumn-y and I’d love to use these in the future (when I’m a bit more confident) to create a bolder eye look.


The fourth row has two shimmery shades and two matte shades. That black, quite honestly, terrifies me. In fact, the final 3 colours have not been anywhere near my eyes yet. I have the tendancy to turn my whole eyelid brown when using brown eyeshadow and I end up just looking… wrong. I look like I have a black eye, basically. If anybody has any tips on how to incorporate a dark shadow into an eye look it’d be much appreciated.


All in all, I am super chuffed with this palette. I honestly just bought it on a whim, I thought I’d give eyeshadow a go, look like a plonker, and shove it away with the rest of my unwanted make-up but that hasn’t been the case at all!

BB has been so lovely and supportive, always telling me when I look nice (which, to him apparently is every day, blesssss) and complimenting my eyeshadow.

Because of this, I’ve actually requested a morphe palette for my birthday! And i’ve also requested a ton of eyeshadow brushes too.

Thank you for reading,


  1. I really like the colors in this eyeshadow palette. It looks quite pigmented too so that’s definitely a plus

  2. This palette looks amazing! Those colors are perfectio . Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. I loved this palette from your last post. Glad you decided to do the review. The colours are lovely.

  4. These colours look gorgeous!x

  5. I love those shades – they’re so perfect for this time of year! x

    1. I know they’re lovely aren’t they!!!xx

  6. I’ve been looking for a palette with shades such as this one. Thanks for putting it on my radar!

    El @ Exclusory 💕

  7. I really want to get my hands on this palette, as well as her highlighter palette. Also the Jaclyn Hill one is incredible!!!xx

    1. Ahhh I want the Jaclyn Hill so dang bad!!!!! I was gonna grab the highlighter one too but I’m using a cheap makeup rev highlighter atm which I reaaally love xx

  8. The shades in this palette are amazing! Lovely review xx

  9. Those shades are so pretty!!

  10. Love this review! I bought this palette last week and I love it too! The colour range is amazing x

  11. This palette looks so good, great review 🙂

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