Glossybox – October 2017, Swatches & First Impressions


Hello everyone! After getting completely burnt out due to working full time, college part time, studying for an exam and trying to keep up with Blogtober I decided something had to give, and once I got back from my exam on Wednesday evening I went pretty much straight to bed, and the cycle of work -> bed has continued until today. I finally feel rejuvenated and ready to start again!

I have finally jumped on the bandwagon of glossybox. I have seen so many of my friends IRL go on about these, and I finally decided to see what this box was made of! These boxes include 5 beauty product, and they arrive once a month. You can grab these for £10.00 plus postage of £3.25 – or if you want to pay 6-monthly / yearly you will get a slight discount.

Just an FYI, the product links will be affiliated, but I was definitely not paid or given this box for free, just thought you should know. :~)


This month glossybox did a Mermaids vs Unicorns box, so half of us got mermaid boxes and the other half got unicorn boxes. I got the mermaid box, and I think everybody got the same products just in different shades.

First things first, I really love the actual box! It is so pretty and well packaged. I actually opened this during my lunch break at work just to show it off.

I’m currently using it to store my ’empties’ ready for a future blog post.

This months box came with a sticker and 5 full size products. There is also a little brochure type thing explaining about the products.


The first product received was the Makeup Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette. The RRP for this is £4 at Superdrug here.


The palette has 12 colours. They aren’t colours that I would usually pick up, but I must admit they are soooo pretty! They are all shimmer shades, so no matte, which makes it hard for you to do a full eye look with this palette alone but I incorporated the blues with some nude-y shades and was quite pleased with the turnout.


I don’t know how often I’ll use this palette – but that is because I am not very adventurous with my colours. Nothing to do with the palette itself. I think if I want to do something a bit more out there I will definitely grab for this again.


The second product I got with the Kawaii Enterprise brush cleansing egg. This RRPs for £7.99 apparently, but I was completely unable to find any trace of the company or the website online which was a little confusing.


no the cleaner is not wet because i managed to cover it in my eyeshadow swatches by accident

I am yet to have used this, although my brushes are in complete need of a clean (they are rank, sorry)! I had been looking at buying one of those mats that you put on your sink and scrape your brushes on – but now this has come I will probably give this a go first. It is very cute, and fits in well with the rest of the box.


The third item I received was the Sleek Creme to Powder Blush in the shade French Rose. You can grab this for £5.99 from Boots here.

I saw from other peoples posts that there were different shades sent out, and I am so glad that I got this one. I am super impressed with it. Which is brilliant as it is the second ever (IK IK where have I been?) Sleek product that I’ve owned and I did not feel very passionately about the other (see here if you are at all interested).


The consistency is weird, it kind of feels creme but kind of not (wow with a name like creme to powder rlly?????) but idk how I feel. I’ve tried this out today, mixed with the cream colour below, and I like how it looks. I will definitely try it out again.

This sleek product has lead me to want to try other products now, even though I swore after that lipstick I was not going to touch them again.


The fourth item I got was the Bang Beauty Cream Color. I think everybody received the shade Dolce (but I may be wrong). You can grab this for £22.00 on the Bangbeauty website here (IK! The box says RRP £19.50 whats that about???????).

I had never heard of Bang Beauty before so I had a quick gander onto their website, it looks like they only have two products thus far and I’m not a lipgloss gal’ but the website looks super cute and sleek.


Via the glossybox #~brochuuuure~# it states that this product can be used on your lips, cheeks and eyes and I fully intended on trying it out on my lids but completely forgot until too late. I wasn’t sure about trying it out first time on my lips and my cheeks so I just went for cheeks (ofc, first I completely powdered my face which I always manage to do before remembering I have extra cream products to try).

Even though I applied this on top of powder so was pretty skeptical, I actually thought it looked really nice. I will definitely try it on my eyes and lips and maybe (but probably forget to) give you an update. Watch this space.


The final product I received was the Lord & Berry Magic Brow Perfect Eye Brow Pencil. You can grab this for £14.00 somewhere online (I struggled to find any UK websites, but that’s probably just me???). I saw online that the pencils you buy for £14.00 come with spoolies, so although this pencil is full size you are missing out on the lil’ spoolie!


I got the shade brunette. The point of this pencil is that it has a marbleised tip which has two different brunette shades that will flatter and mimic the natural brow colour.


Gah. I really wanted to like this product and it definitely wasn’t the woooorst BUT it was so dang soft. I have been using the brow pomade by makeup revolution the last month or so and I really love it so I guess this pencil had a hard match to beat but it just didn’t do it for me.

I found when trying to apply it, the colour was really nice but it was just sliding on and off my face. I got home from work one day and was lying in bed playing some silly game on my phone and when I got up I had smudged the tip of my eyebrow right off. It was just so frustrating. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I don’t think I will be using this again.

Box Price: £10.00 

RRP: £53.98

So… That is it! My first ever glossybox. I will definitely be keeping my subscription up because this is a fun little treat each month and as I am a hoarder why on earth would I turn down them boxes?!?!

Did any of you get the glossybox this month? What did you think?

Thank you so much for reading,


  1. this is amazing, i will definitely be trying this sub box, been looking for a good one for a while!xx

    1. I think it’s definitely good! I haven’t tried any other yet x

  2. I’ve never given glossybox a go but these products look lovely!x

    1. I know! I really hope I didn’t just land on a good box month 😂 xx

  3. LOVE THAT MERMAID THEME!! ive been wanting to subscribe to the glossybox for so long!

  4. I love the contents of this box. I would love to get it too. The price is unbelievable.i have never tried getting a beauty box. I am sold on this one.

  5. I loved this month’s Glossybox (I got unicorn), I love doing Glossybox Unboxing posts every month 😊 The boxes are so worth it. Only subscription box I actually stay with 💜

    1. Aaah I was worried that I’d just landed on a good month, good to know that’s not the case!xx

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