Blogtober Day 10 – My 1st Eyeshadow Quad That I Didn’t Throw Away In a Fit of Rage Make-up Revolution Scorpio Eyeshadow

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Ahoy! (no, that didn’t work – I won’t try that again) it is day 10. In this time I probably could have lost a few pounds but instead I’ve been eating pizza and sleeping.


I got this eyeshadow for free in a Tambeauty mystery bag but you can grab it from the website for £5 here (affiliated, not sponsored).

FYI, I’m not a scorpio I’m actually a Sagittarius, but I’m using this quad anyways.


The eyeshadow has a primer (not pictured as you literally cannot see it on my arm), two mid purple tones, a dark purple tone, a brown town and a shimmery goldy tone.

I gave myself the task of doing my eye look with just these eyeshadows and ended up semi-victorious (I’m sure somebody with a lot more knowledge than me could absolutely boss this).

This eyeshadow is quite pigmented, though that is two swipes on my arm. I also found it didn’t have much of a fall out which is good, as a few of my eyeshadows fall out all over my face (BUT I’ve just started doing my eyeshadow before concealer and I feel like a right pro basically an MUA lol).


I actually really like this eyeshadow quad, especially the brown and gold shades. I have been using the gold shade patted on my lid with my fingers for work (on top of a blendy browny natural smokey eye type thing) and I think it looks nice and not too much.

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