Blogtober Day 8 – Why Did I Think I Could Pull This Off? PS Super Matte Liquid Lipstick PURPLE EDITION

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Hi everyone! It’s day 8 which means I’ve OFFICIALLY MANAGED A WHOLE WEEK OF BLOGPOSTS. I’m writing this on the day it’s due to be posted, which is exciting (you lose the thrill when you schedule a load of posts, I swear) & BB is in the kitchen making us chips for lunch yum yum.


The product that I’m reviewing today is the PS Supper Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Kiki. I spoke about the shade Kendall on my day 1 blogtober post here (FYI, much more positive than this post so if you want #~positivity~# read that lol).


This lipstick was about the same price as the other Primark lipstick. I think it was about £2.50 maybe £3 but definitely under a fiver. I’ve purchased two other liquid lipsticks (both lighter shades, mind) and I’ve loooved them so I had such high hopes for this one too.


As soon as I swatched it I thought SHIT. This shade is daaark. I usually try to stay away from really dark lipsticks as I’m so clumsy with putting lipsticks on and I end up straying out of the lines. PLUS, I have quite dark eyes and eyebrows so I find a really dark lip makes me look a bit like a mime. Personal opinion BTW, a lot of people can pull off these shades and look fabulous (one of my best friends always rocks the really dark lip, and she always looks great).


Trying to apply this lipstick while BB was pissing himself laughing at me was not an easy task. I had already been experimenting with a dark eyeshadow quad thing (see blogtober day…10 i think) and his hilarity made him think it was appropriate to start playing Black Parade at me over and over again while I had a cry over my face.

Funnily enough, when the look was completely done I actually looked okay. I wasn’t feelin’ myself as much as I do other days, but BB even apologised and told me how great I look (but he’d probably say that if I smeared red lipstick all over my forehead so can I really believe him?) and I started to feel a bit better.

I didn’t have a dark enough lipliner so I used the darkest one I had, but it was just the  completely wrong colour. I ended up lining over the top and looking like a bit of a plonker.


After the whole palava I actually felt quite positive about my lipstick and intended on wearing it out to Sainsburys until I had lunch. You know when you’re eating and your lipstick is leaving imprints on your food? Well my whole wrap was turning purple each bite I took.

So, after looking in the bathroom in sheer horror at my mouth I took all of the lipstick off and vowed never to wear it again.

I did have another dark lipstick that I was going to review this week by Makeup Revolution but after yesterday I just couldn’t bare it so I have pushed it back all the way to day 20 to give myself some time to forget this horrible experience (no drama queen here).

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  1. OMW – I’ve just come home from a comedy show and I swear this post was funnier!
    I like to save the “omg that’s too dark” lipsticks to mix with the “wtf why’s that so light?” Stuff and create new shades. Those shades are for when I’m going out for 3 hours max and not eating. Because they cannot be recreated.

    1. Oh thank u so much! Yessss id love to do that 😭 maybe I’ll use up my light lipsticks and experiment!!!!

  2. go on with your bad self! #blogtober

  3. I loooove this dark lipstick! I often struggle with the purply toned shades and they can be too purple for me but this one looks right up my street. That’s the probably with a lot of liquid lips is that they don’t last after you’ve eaten or drank but I mean you can’t go wrong for under £5 am I right! Brill post and can’t wait for more blogtober x

    1. Yeah I mean I might mix it with a lighter lipstick and try again but I think because I have dark hair, dark brows, dark eyes, dark lips just don’t work on me. Thank u so much x

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