Blogtober Day 6 – The Cheapest Lipstick Ever?! Makeup Revolution ‘Bliss’ Lipstick

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Hi guys! Sooooo I’m still here. I must admit, the motivation has dwindled slightly (that may also be because it is Thursday ATM which is practically a dragged out Wednesday, lol) but I’m not giving up!


The product I’m reviewing today is the Makeup Revolution lipstick in blush. I received this item free with a Tambeauty #~surprise~# gift and I’m not usually a big fan or corally/pink lipsticks so thought I’d try it out.


I think that the product itself looks like any other cheap lipstick. Plastic, plain black case. But, eh, that’s all you need (although doesn’t always look fantastic when you’re trying to take #~artsy~# -photos).

My review completely changed when I started to look at the RRP for this product. I was looking on the Tambeauty website and when I was looking for the product I noticed that apparently it was sold for… £0.50 (??!!) it is currently out of stock but that lead me to wonder how many other ridiculous deals the company had out there.


There are tons and tons of lipsticks on this website for £1? The whole first page nearly is lipsticks for only £1. I personally think that the freedom packaging looks nicer than the makeup revolution as well, so I’d probably go for them (specifically shade 119) if I had the choice again.



When I first applied this I reaaally wasn’t sure. I haven’t worn light pink lipstick since I was about fourteen, and as soon as I showed BB my new look he went ‘WOW you look so young!’ which is always reassuring.


what is that swatch?

Looking back now, (and with the fact that the lipstick is 50 freakin’ p in mind) it actually doesn’t look half bad. I think as well, the fact that I’ve cropped out the rest of my face where I was sporting a dark eye and harsh brows may also factor into that.


Of course though, at the time I needed something moooreSo I added a layer of baby pink (WHY??) glossy lipstick into the mix. This was a bad move, and I was filled with instant regret. Again, doesn’t look so bad in the picture but WOWZA.

I also have no light lipliners (I only really wear nude/brown/purple/darkred lipsticks so that is what colour all my lipliners are…) which I don’t think helped as I am a baby and I need help filling in the lines.

All in all? I will definitely wear this lipstick again. I am still not reverted to a light pink lip, but I do think the colour will come in handy for days when I’m working and don’t feel like wearing light purple / brown lipstick.

Thanks for reading.

RESR xxx


  1. I had seen these 1£ lipsticks before, but never for 50p! I love makeup revolution, they have a lot of nice, affordable things!!
    I’m just like you, I’m not really into bright pink lips! xx

    1. I know. I’ve stayed away after I bought this hoooorrrible foundation a few years back!xx

  2. OH wow these are so affordable!! And they look decent too

    1. I might get another soon 🤔

  3. They look nice! And for such a good price too!

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