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Today was a product I’ve been reaallyy excited about. I love collection’s concealer, so I was buzzing when they were doing 3 for 2 at Boots & I picked up one of their foundations & eyebrow palettes too.


When I was younger, I always swore by Collections Lasting Perfection foundation (I remember my local Wilkies used to have them on offer buy 2 get 1 free so I always used to stock up 3 foundations at a time… I also used to wear 3 layers every day so that probably contributed to that) so I was excited to give one of their foundations another go after 5 or 6 years cold turkey.

I picked this up for £5.99 at Boots here (product affiliated but not sponsored).


I’m such a bad colour picker (OMG, are u rlly I didnt know??) so I just grabbed whatever shade I thought was closest to my face.

When I first put this on my hand I thought it looked sooo orange compared to the product I had been using previously – but it definitely isn’t at all. It is actually one of the closer colours to my skintone (don’t have to mix this with another foundation to make it work with my skin, lol).


The foundation is a really nice consistency. It is not toooo liquidy but isn’t too firm either (something I struggled with in the Revlon YouthFX foundation, I had to wear it mixed with a liquid-y foundation to make it last) which I like.

It is so high coverage. And it stays all day. By the end of the day it has slightly oxidised around my nose and eyebrows – but I’ve yet to actually find a foundation that doesn’t do that. So, no complaints from me here.

I think that I will be purchasing this foundation again as soon as the bottle starts to run low. I am currently trying to use up some of my older foundations before they go out of date (FYI today is a no7 foundation I hate & a rimmel foundation that I accidentally purchased a shade too dark and have to mix to stop looking orange) so hopefully I will be able to get back to using this soon.

Thanks for reading,

RESR xxx