Blogtober Day 2 – Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

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Helloooo! I’m back for day 2 with a completely over edited photo – sorry! (Altho, I’m bulk writing this post, so technically I’m two days early. It’s still Saturday rn).

I recently purchased a big bulk of items from Tambeauty (hellooooo mystery bag, altho I got a luminous pink lipgloss & a BB or CC cream which was a few shades too dark the rest was ace).


This little product here was the whole reason I actually did a Tambeauty haul (which has lead me to shopping ban AGAIN sorrrrry.). I dk why but I always rinse through primers. I s2g I use more primer than any other product. I am constantly buying new primers, and I am yet to find one I really love.

SO I thought I’d try this one from Makeup Revolution. I actually wanted to purchase the Blur Primer but it was (ofc) out of stock the day I decided to buy some bits.

The product was only £5 ftom the Tambeauty website here (product is affiliated but not sponsored) and I do enjoy it.

It is a clear, thicker, product. I’ve bought primers before which are skin coloured and I always struggle with them (except for the porefessional which I am to poor to buy) so I was glad that this was clear.

A little bit definitely goes a loooong way with this product (which is good as it feels like I’m mainly squeezing out air, so I feel like I’ll be buying another primer in no time).

I still think I prefer my Barry M correction primer, but this is pretty nice too.

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