Blogtober Day 18 – Collection Eyebrow Kit

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Hello! As this post is being published I will literally just be coming out of an exam… So wish me luck if you read this, lol.


The product I am going to be talking about today is the Collection Eyebrow Kit. You can pick this up for £3.99 from Boots here (affiliated, not sponsored).

The product I picked up was brunette. I used to use this product maybe a year to 2 years ago, and I really liked it, but after hitting pan I think I moved onto something else and never bothered picking it up again.

The main reason I even picked this up was because, silly me, when I packed my bags for Watford I forgot to pack any eyebrow stuff so I just grabbed something that I knew was okay (and was also fairly cheap) from Boots to use while away.


There are 3 powder shades, an eyebrow ‘mascara’ and then a little applicator brush with one slanted brush and one more fluffy brush. While away in Watford I used this brush, however as soon as I went shopping again I picked up another brush to use with this. I found the brush that came with the product okay, just a bit too small to get a precise brow with.

The eyebrow mascara I really liked, at first. After a few uses I found that (no matter how clean your eyebrows seem to be) it picked up gunk and discoloured the product. So I stopped using it. But, I find the powder doesn’t stick to the brows as well if no coat of mascara is applied first.

I like this product, and I’m glad I re-found it.

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