Blogtober Day 17 – A Trio! Freedom Pro Melts Lipsticks

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Hi everyone! I don’t have any funny quips or small anecdotes right now so let’s just get straight onto the reviewing……


The product that I am going to be speaking about today is the Freedom Pro Melts Lipsticks. I got the stripped collection which you can buy for £6 here at Tambeauty (affiliated, not sponsored). That means that each of these lipsticks are the equivalent of only £2 each!

I purchased these on a slight whim, I wanted to test these out and see what the formulas were like for only £2 each. I always love a bargain.

I originally thought that these lipsticks would be at least semi-matte but they’re not. They are like a mix between a lipstick and a lipgloss. They are the thick consistency of a lipstick, but they never set. Due to this, I was a bit confused about how I was going to wear these lipsticks (lipgloss is my worst enemy i s2g I hate it).


The product came in two brown colours and a pink. I really liked the 2nd and 3rd shade, but I wasn’t too sure about the first.

I saw online that there was another shade of this product in the impact shade which was a purple, pink and red shade. Part of me wishes now that I’d purchased this shade because I think that I could make some nice different looks with these.


I tried the middle, pink, shade first. I wore just the product to work, but I ended up rubbing it off my lips by lunchtime because they still felt sticky and I felt my lips sticking together with each word I spoke. I didn’t really want to try this product again after that, but I decided too try it out in  a different way.

This time I tried the third shade (see the above picture). I lined my lips with my PS light brown lipliner and then went over my lips with a cheap MUA light brown matte lipstick. When that had dried I applied a small blob to my upper and lower lips and brushed only that product onto my lips. I found by doing that the product felt nowhere near as sticky, but also didn’t have that dry overmatte look which cheaper lipsticks normally leave.

After a few goes, I actually really like these. I don’t know if I would purchase them again, but I will definitely keep using these when I don’t want a completely matte lip.

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