Blogtober Day 16 – Being Cr*p as Usual Elf HD Powder

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I feel like I should probably have changed my backdrop up at some point through Blogtober but I’ve come too far now to back down. Don’t worry – once November comes there will be probably none or maybe just small changes!


I got myself so damn confused with this product. When looking for this product to help me with the title photo I could not find it anywhere. All I could find was this bloody E.L.F. High Definition Powder that is square and it got too the point where I had to keep double checking via my own photos that my product was definitely circular and not, indeed, square.

In the end I managed to find this product on the Amazon US website as the E.L.F. HD Soft Powder for $6 so I’m guessing it was about the equivalent of that in £’s when I purchased it (only about a month ago if that FYI).


As you can see, the product has one of those swivel thingys that stops the product from coming out. Just a warning, once you open it the product flies at you. Honestly, I have never gone through a product so quickly (see below picture, I had only used it maybe 10-14 times and it is pretty much empty) but I believe 1/4 of the product has been hoovered out of my carpet.

I originally purchased this product to bake under my eyes, and I don’t think it did a particularly great job. There was slight flashback, and I found that I was having to cover my under eyes with it for very little pay back.

I also used this product a few times to powder my whole face, and I definitely thought it worked a lot better for this (although, looking online, I saw a lot of people say they loved using this to set under their eyes so I guess it is just personal preference).


I’ve definitely learnt now not to stray away from my COTY Airspun powder for baking and I definitely still prefer a pressed powder for setting the rest of my face with. I will definitely still use this product up, but I don’t think I will be repurchasing once I do.

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