Blogtober Day 15 – Primark Again?? PS Lipliner

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Hi guys! It is day 15 which means we’re nearly halfway through the month. This is absolute madness. Nearly November & still yet to lose a pound (in fact, I think I may have even gained a few…….)


The product I am going to be speaking about today is another Primark purchase (their lip stuff is actually pretty damn nice you know?).

This time it is a lipliner. I purchased my first lipliner from Primark all the way back in July, which I documented in the make-up haul here (where I mentioned I would be buying more Primark make-up…… Which ofc I have).

think the shade of the lipliner is called selfie and I’m pretty sure it was ridic cheap like £1.50 or something similar.


The actual product is quite a nice consistency. It is quite creamy, and definitely stays put throughout the day once applied. I find it blends well with lipstick rather than leaving the stark definition of the colour which some lipliners do (so I can mix this with colours that aren’t the same if that makes sense???? lazy).

The only problem I have with this lipstick, and it was the same with the previous one I purchased from Primark, is that it blunts quickly & then because the lipliner is so creamy it is near impossible to sharpen without breaking the lead. Due to this, I think the product will probably be a stump before I know it. Though, for under £2 can I really complain?

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  1. I LOVE THE COLOUR! It reminds me of Cork or Whirl from Mac and the creamy consistency sounds great for my dry lips in winter!

    Char xo ||

  2. It’s unbelievable how days go by, how is it already October 15th? Crazy! x


    1. I know!!!!! How has that happened already?x

  3. The pigments look really strong and the color is rather nice. I got few makeup bits from Primark and overall it was quite satisfied with everything! xx corinne

    1. Yeah I have been too. I got the concealer and that was ok. So don’t think I’ll put my money on anything too expensive………

  4. This is possibly my favourite shade by far.

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