Blogtober Day 13 – My New Favourite! Kiko Milano Matte Lipstick

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Hi guys! It is day 13. It is Friday the 13th (aka my least favourite day b/c so dang superstitious) and that is one of the reasons I am writing this post early.


The product I am going to be speaking about today is the Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte lipstick. You can grab it for £6.90 here on the Kiko website (affiliated, not sponsored). I have shade 317 – wine. (I also have another shade which I am going to talk about in another blogtober post – talk about milking the cow dry eh?)


First things first, I love the packaging of this product. It is MAGNETIC! For realsees. The product like *pop* on *pop* off. BB and I had far too much fun when we realised this (little things please little minds).

The colour I purchased is this lovely dark purple-y red kind of colour and I LOVE IT. I really really really like this lipstick. Since liquid lipsticks have become a ~#thing#~ I have pretty much stanned them, but this is an anomaly. I find it glides onto the lips, and definitely doesn’t leave them at all chapped or dry or anything like that. Which is good. If your lips are already dry then they do cling to that and peel a bit, but I think all lipsticks do that.



The first picture was when it was originally applied (FYI, I always overline my lips, sorry) and the second was about 4 hours later. I had had food, drinks and been walking around in the cold all day. Obviously, the lighting has changed the shade slightly but the lipstick still looks pretty much perfect.

Right now it is nearly 4pm and the lipstick has been on the 9 hours, and is pretty much gone. But I can live with that, especially after the amount of food I’ve eaten today (woops, diet starting thursday OK?)

Part of me honestly just wanted to order every single shade off the Kiko website (might also be because I am on a complete spending ban due to mortgage savings etc etc grown up stuff blah) but I haven’t.

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  1. I absolutely love Kiko! So cheap but so good! I am always amazed of all they do! this shade is amazing! xx corinne

    1. Yes me too! I’d never heard of them before but no I’m in awwwwwwwee

  2. I really, really love Kiko products! This lippie looks great!

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