Blogtober Day 11 – SCONES! (& Rimmel Lipliner)

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Hi guys! So It’s day 11, and I’m still going (+ over 1/3 through the month now which is wicked…) and I’m actually enjoying this 1 post a day malarkey. Doubt I’ll keep it up, but who knows?!


The product I’m going to be reviewing today is the Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lipliner. You can pick it up for £2.99 (!!!!!) from Boots here (affiliated, not sponsored). I’ve got the shade Black tulip.

I don’t actually know when I purchased this lipliner, but I found it (unused) in my makeup box last week when I was clearing it out, which is odd. I probably got it as a free gift aaaages ago and then forgot about it. Which sounds about right.


The actual shade of the lipliner is LOVELY. It is a dark red/brown kind of colour and I really love it. Since I found it I have been using it quite a lot with my Kiko 317 lipstick (stay tuned for day 13 or 14 or something).


One thing I did find about this lipliner is that it definitely isn’t as creamy as some of the other ones I own. Although that definitely isn’t a bad thing, as the product has been on my lips now for 7 hours and is still very visible (even more so than my lipstick, which has pretty much faded off due to 3000000000 hot chocolates and picnic food so don’t know how much of a feat that is – I look kind of crazy) which is brilliant.

ANYWAY, lipliners are kind of boring so I thought I’d fill this post up with some pictures of my scones I made (from SCRATCH!!!) the other day:



I made these scones all by myself using this recipe from (omg honestly, her website made me sooo damn hungry go check it out).

If any of you follow me on twitter you would know I love all food scones and so when I saw this recipe on pinterest I just had to make them.


I wish I could eat them again (BB and I finished the final 2 off last night, which is making me sad).

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