Blogtober Day 1 – PS Super Matte Liquid Lipstick

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Hi guys! So I finally decided (about 3 days ago) that I AM GOING TO DO BLOGTOBER. It will be a bloody miracle if I stick with it mind. I am useless. I never stick to anything, lol.

Aaaaanyway I am going to be reviewing a different bit of make-up every day for October. None of these will be items I’ve thoroughly reviewed before or items I’ve particularly even used before. So that is exciting. PLUS some of it is eyeshadow which (as you may know) i am currently trying to get into and not look like I’ve been attacked by a 5 y/o.


The first product I’m going to be speaking about is the Primark PS Super Matte Liquid Lipstick. I spoke about another Matte lipkit from Primark in this post and I loved it so I purchased another two when I went away.


I don’t actually remember how much this was exactly but I’m 100% sure it was under £5. I have a feeling it was ridic cheap at like £2.50 or something silly like that. So ofc I picked up two, two lipliners and a concealer (which I was going to review during this but at some point it made its way into my permanent collection & got forgotten about so I’ll just say… Shade too dark ofc but still pretty good for £2!!!!!)


The shade I purchased was called Kendall and originally I thought it was a light pinky-brown colour but it’s definitely more purple. I wear it usually with a brown lipliner underneath though which makes the colour a bit browner.


When applied it looks nice and dries quite matte. My lips are naturally quite dry (no matter what I seem to do) so nothing can ever completely counteract that, but this does a better job than some lipsticks which I’ve paid £8+ for.

I usually only put one layer of this product on as it applies quite thick, and if I tend to wear another layer it always feels quite heavy on the lips.

One problem is, if your lips are quite dry it does peel off. In big chunks. Luckily, the lipstick blends quite well with my lips so it isn’t that noticeable if that happens (lol, did I really use that as an argument).


That is the product after sitting on my lips for about 5 hours (& eating a sausage wrap which ruined my white jumper). As you can see, it has started to come off around the middle of my mouth, but the rest of my lips are still looking pretty good.

All in all, I haven’t found many liquid lip products which I’ve liked as much as this. And, especially for the price, I think it is definitely worth it.

Thanks for reading.

RESR xxx

  1. I’ve been meaning to try something like this but always forget. I think I’ll pick something up next time I’m in store. Also, good luck with Blogtober! ☺️ X

  2. That colour is absolutely lovely and perfect for Autumn! I haven’t tried any of the PS Lipstick’s but I think I’ll pick a couple up! xo

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