Hello everyone!

So for ages now I’ve wanted to start a bullet journal. I’m not that creative and I SWEAR as soon as I want to do something nice it always goes wrong so I thought eh, why not? What’s the worst that could happen???

I looked up loads online and saw people used squared paper or dotted paper so of course for some reason I chose to buy plain paper. Nothing like not following the crowd 🙂 ha ha ha

Funnily enough this July looked rlly good until I took a picture of it so now I’m blurring it out and making it look like the fact it was month one was the real reason I took the picture

First of all I did a monthly planner which I smudged too fuck and threw a bit of a tantrum over. I’ve bought some washi tape and stickers etc now so hopefully the next week will look nicer. Oh and I decided to use up my spare page with things I am loving ATM. Didn’t follow that into August as I did this in the last week of July and really? Life don’t change that much for me in a week

Also, reminded me that I have literally no plans. Ever. I marked down my final exam and that was all I could think of. For the whole month.

I’ve toyed between hating and loving this page since I did it. It’s messy but I don’t really mind, and it’s kinda fun to track certain things this way. I think my next few weeks will have a bit more *~pazzazz~* but we shall see!

Anyway, just a short post to show you all I’m alive and well. Just been very busy reading and sleeping. Isn’t that how we all spend our summers??

Do any of you guys do bullet journals and have fun ideas to poke my way?

Thanks for reading,