Make-Up Haul // First Impressions

Hey everyone!

So, I have a few book review and rambling posts coming up (forever procrastinating I guess) but I’ve also been buying makeup.

I actually started drafting this when we went away mid-July but ergh what a hectic month its been, and now I am officially on a shopping ban (BB’s birthday, holiday and saving up to move FYI) I thought it would be the perfect time to have a little chat about a few things I purchased when we went away.

BB and I recently (well, it was recently when I originally wrote this lol) got back from a luuuurvely weekend away and whilst there I spent far too much money.

I got all of this makeup from Boots, minus that liquid lipstick from Primark that everybody keeps going on about!

1. ‘Get Lippy’ Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lipliner from Primark – £3.00

(feat some cute pics of my mouth ofc)

Ah. So, I had seen a lot of people on the YouTubezzzz talk about this lipstick kit and say it wasn’t that half bad, and for £3 what was I really missing out on?

The lip liner was actually pretty creamy, and the lipstick applied quite well. So well, in fact that I spent the whole afternoon checking with BB that my lipstick hadn’t spontaneously vanished as I was in a permenant state of denial that a cheap Primark lip kit could actually be this good.

It was a bit drying, and I felt as if maybe my lips had been dry or cracking at the time this lipstick would not have been good. But it worked.

After wearing for a few hours and eating etc etc it does start to crack a bit – if you’re prone to dry lips like meeeee then try to steer clear of it every day maybe (I still wear it most days as don’t have many nude lipsticks lol)

Also, the pencil looks like it should push up but you have to sharpen it, deception.

Next time I venture out to primark (the closest one from me is 40 min drive) I will probably get another one.

Altogether: 7.5/10

2. Revlon Youth FX Fill and Blur Concealer – £11.99

This was what I was most excited about. I’d watched a Tati video earlier that morning and decided I was buying the concealer and the foundation – which I did.

When I first got the product there is that moment of panic where you’re trying to pump the product out and you wonder whether you’ve got a DUD, but *obviously* mine was fine. It is a bit orange, and not something I go to grab every day.

I think the orange-ness is my own fault, I probably picked up the wrong shade lol. I do grab it if it’s nearest but I would always pick my Maybelline Age Rewind by choice.

Altogether: 5/10

3. Barry M Boots Limited Edition in Shipwreck – Free

Now I’m not that into nails, I’m a bit boring. I don’t know who does good nail varnish who does bad. Sometimes I’ll pick some up if I need to make my order up for free delivery but it’s not something I get excited about?

Image result for sorry gif

So yeah, I got this for free because I had already purchased 3 things from Barry M. The lady at the counter said ‘which one?’ showed me two colours and I panic picked this green colour.

You can see it above in the picture of me *showing off* my concealer.

It’s ok. Nail varnish is nail varnish to me. One day I got my nail caught in my hair while brushing and all the varnish peeled off. Very odd.


I did get a lot of compliments for my nails though, and it has inspired me to keep my nails looking nice.

Altogether: 6/10

4. Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint in Embellish Purple – £4.99

Eh. I bought so many liquid lipsticks I actually forgot I’d bought this until just now. Maybe I’ll wear it tomorrow. Sorry.

Image result for face palm gif

Altogether: ????/10

5. Barry M Flawless Original Primer – £5.99

I got the Barry M colour corrector primer for Christmas from my auntie last year in a big pack that I think she won??

I liked it, I’d ran out of my usual primer just before we went, I was using that Barry M concealer, picked up a concealer that was close to the one currently using.

That’s generally how my concealer pickings go. I suck.

I definitely preferred the colour corrector primer though, and I probably won’t repurchase this once it runs out.

Altogether: 5/10

6. Revlon ColorStay Eyeshadow 555 Moonlite – Ummm. Some money?

This is where it becomes obvious that I binned my receipt. I managed to find the other prices on the Boots website, but this is saying £23.00 on Amazon?? It definitely was not.

I came to the decision that I am going to become a *beauty goddess* and to do that I need to actually learn how to apply eyeshadow.

It has not worked thus far, I still look like a baby who has stolen her mothers make-up.

The product is lovely though. There is a little bit of fallout (which could, of course, just be down to sheer awful technique) but in general the colours are lovely and if I was any good at eyeshadow I could imagine creating some bangin’ looks with it.

Altogether: 8/10

7. Revlon YouthFX foundation in shade 220 Natural Beige – £13.99

This foundation was one of my must-haves along with that concealer all the way ^^^^ up there. I just had to buy it and try it out.

It is super duper thick (look at that picture above). I actually find it a bit too thick alone, so I am mixing it with my L’Oreal True Match foundation (which I did a rant about in this post a while ago – sorry ’bout it) and it looks amazing. Not too cakey, and the perfect shade.

By the end of the day (except for settling slightly around my top lip and nose, and that is after over 12 hour wear) it still looks good. I am so happy with this purchase.

PLUS I remember buying this and being all ‘hurgh hurgh, this will last like a week 10/10 to me for wasting my moneys’ AND actually it’s been about a month already and it’s still heeereee! I still have some pushing left. Ew.

Altogether: 8/10

8. No7 Lash Impact Ultra mascara – £14.00

I am just putting it out here now – I swear by no7 mascaras. They are the best. Honestly.

I don’t have much else to say except, they are worth the investment. I find doing first layer with them, second layer a different mascara (atm I’m using max factor 2000 calorie mascara) and then another layer of the no7 mascara they look the best. It makes me so happy.

They also do not look spider lashes (BTW, I completely forgot about my cup of tea and I just went to drink it and it was not nice).

Altogether: 10/10

9. BarryM Matte Me Up Metallic Lip Kit in Prestige – £6.99 

I like this lipstick. It’s pretty. If you hit it in the right light it looks reaaally metallic-ky.

The lipliner is amazing. Really creamy, does not rub off. I love it.

I would probably buy more lip-kits from Barry M, but maybe not metallic. Just normal. Maybe a nude lipkit. If they do one. Maybe I should actually wear my other lipsticks first.

Altogether: 8/10


Wowwwwwww. If you’ve managed to get to the end

Image result for bravo gif

Thank you for reading.


RESR xxx

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