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Hi guys! In the past few weeks I’ve managed an incredible achievement – I have read all 10 of the Princess Diary books. I started the first book on Saturday 5 August and finished the 10th book on Friday 18 August. That means I was reading on avg. 5 books a week (which was about right) along with working full time and generally dossing about, lol.

I had read the first 8 books when I was a lot younger, and it was only while researching re-purchasing these books that I realised two more had been published (and I think there has also been a #11 for YA readers that I may buy at some point) which just spurred me on even more to get the whole dang lot.

I managed to get all 10 books for a measly £18.99 here at (link is affiliated but not sponsored) which was amazing too me. That is the equivalent of £1.90 avg. per book! I’d spend more than that on a sandwich lol. The books did take a while to come due to problems with stock, but they did come!

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I will try and keep this review as spoiler-free as possible, but please feel free to give me a slap if I unintentionally ruin something for you!

One thing I love about The Princess Diaries Books is that they are in diary format, and I am a sucker for a good ol’ diary format book. I don’t know why, I just prefer it somehow. Being able to monitor how much time has passed etc etc is just a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.



The only problem was – you couldn’t monitor time at all as a book only covered like one week of her life and then the next book had spun forward 3-6 months (or 2 years between the 9th and 10th book) which was just a bit irritating. It didn’t take away from the book, but I would have liked to know what was going on between books. I’m sure I saw somewhere on Goodreads that there were a lot of .5 editions so maybe that is what was done by Meg Cabot instead, I’m not sure.

This was another pet-peeve, that is in no way at all Meg Cabots fault but annoying nonetheless: The. Difference. Between. The. Names. Of. The. Books. On. Goodreads. What was that about??? What is Pink Princess???? I expect this was maybe the difference between the UK and US releases maybe – but my books were named completely different things compared to Goodreads.


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Now, when it comes to the actual books, they were mildly refreshing. The main character, Mia, was funny and witty and refreshingly normal (albeit, still a princess). There were still a few ‘silly’ entries which bug me (e.g. obvious insinuations by other characters which the main character seems baffled or confused about) but she was quite bright and obvious to what was going on around her.

As the books go on, Mia matures and grows up within herself. She starts off as an awkward 14 year old girl and by the end she is an 18 year old woman who has changed her country, herself and influenced the people around her.

There are, obviously, romances within these books. Mia has a few romantic endeavours, some which are successful and others, not so much. And love (obviously) conquers all at the end!

The books are scattered with entertaining and meaningful characters, from her bestfriend Lilly (who I hated and quite frankly wish had moved away at the end of the first book, sorry not sorry) to her bossy grandmother (neigh, grandmere) to the guy-who-hates-it-when-they-put-sweetcorn-in-the-chilli, and they all play as big a part as the next.

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There is one REALLY annoying things about these book and it is another printing/not Meg Cabots fault issue. At the back of every book (including the first one) there is a bloody advertisement of the tenth book. A word of warning, if you are reading these books and do not want to be confused yet know things you shouldn’t then DO NOT READ IT. That is all.

Thank you for reading,

RESR xxxx

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