Book Review & Ramblings // 2 Mhairi McFarlane Books

Hi guys!

I purchased these two books from Lowplex after reading that other book by Mhairi McFarlane (i wrote about it here) and it was free postage over £30 i’d already spent nearly £20 so why not

The first book of the two that I read was Heres Looking at You (IK IK I have them in the wrong order in the picture sorrry). When I first started reading it I could not get into the book at all!!!I was lying in bed forcing myself through the first 50-100 pages and in the end I gave up and went to sleep.

Turns out, I must have just been in a shit mood because when I picked the book up again the next evening (after dreading it all day) I actually really enjoyed the book AND stayed up until nearly midnight finishing it (which is v late for me on a work night im normally asleep by 10.30 lol).

The book itself was definitely the more emotional of the two, and if you wanted to read a book that may make you have a little cry then definitely pick this one up.

The main girl, Aurelina, had lived her whole life as a much bigger girl and spent most of the book struggling to come to terms with who she is now and believing that she is not worthless. She is full of denial (thinking males are coming over to poke fun at her rather than being attracted to her) through the whole book.

The ending was OK, after the ending of the last book I had read by McFarlane I wasn’t expecting much – but I was definitely much happier with this one. Albeit, still not overjoyed.

After I finished this book I picked up You Had Me At Hello and finished that again, in two sittings. This time I only put the book down at all because I reaaaally had to get to sleep before BB disowned me and made me sleep in the living room.

I liked this book, but not as much as Heres Looking At You. They seemed quite similar. Both girls, meet men from their past who they had a history with, a couple of close best friends mix of male and female and then the man from their pasts best friend also gets close to the main character.

It was one of those situations where if I had read these books years apart, I may not have actually realised they were different books at all.

But again, I enjoyed it. It was Mhairis first book that she published, and I could imagine if reading this first being excited to see what else she was going to be bringing out.


I’m currently on the 8th book of Princess Diaries, and when I’ve finished that I’m sure you’ll hear about this (I actually finished the two books above weeks ago but I hadn’t been feeling like blogging).

Thanks for reading,

RESR xxx

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