Weird Movie Ramblings // Ozzy

Hi guys!

The mother and I like to spend our (albeit short now I’ve moved out) time together chatting about and watching TV.

This week we had slightly more time together than usual, and we thought we’d watch something together to pass the time. The movie we chose to watch was Ozzy.

It looked kinda cute, we recently lost our family dog so dog-movies are still kind of sore, but we decided to watch it anyway.

So we settled down with our brownies and cookies (don’t judge – BB and I are going away tomorrow so the diet is on hiatus… and I have an ear infection excuse excuse excuse) and got ready to watch.

The first thing I noticed while watching was how ANGRY all the human characters are, with their odd animation, it seemed almost comical. I’m not sure whether it was supposed to be funny or not, but it certainly was.

This was pretty similar to every other family movie. Where it starts out, everything’s going well, small blip, gets better and then a bigger blip before a happy ending. The low point in this movie didn’t last very long which I liked.

If you want a serious movie, don’t watch this. If you want a movie to chill out and chat through while appreciating the humour of these little animated doggies then give this a try.

All in all, it’s a funny old movie that wasn’t painful to watch (trust me when I say we’ve sat through some real crap movies).

Thanks for reading.

This is a bit rambly as BB and I are off on holiday tomorrow (woohoo!!!) and so when I’m back there’ll be some make-up hauls and maybe clothing hauls. We’ll see.

RESR, xxx

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