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Hello everyone! So I’ve been gone for over a week but NOW IM BACK!!!

It’s been manic, BB and I went away and then I had a bloody ear infection that would just not gtfo AND then I had my exam results AAAAAND then I had my final exam for the summer! So all my spare time was moaning / revising or watching Line of Duty (of course)?!

So yeah, amidst that I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading. I’ve bought some books (aka too many) and I’ll be talking about them a bit later (along with my makeup haul that I will get up sometime this year I PROMISE) but one of the books I read for the very first time was The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I’ve read a few of her books before and I actually accidentally read the 5th book in this series (cringing) by accident many many years ago.

This is my mums favourite ever book series, and it’s the one series she manages to compare every other book too, so I thought I should probably give it a go (I’m also slowly completing the one-book-out-of-a-collection-from-book-day-at-school pile I have but sssshhh). PLUS it was £7.99 and I was on holiday and I wanted to spend money in Waterstones because it’s so pretty in there.

First things first, I love the fact that at the front of the book it actually lists all of her books, both shopaholic series and others. As her books aren’t numbered, it makes it easier to see which books I’m missing and any I haven’t read.

Also, the font of the book made me so happy. Small things for small minds, eh.


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I’ve never watched the movie, but I did see on Goodreads that a lot of people were comparing the book negatively too it? Which makes no sense to me?? Surely the book was first????

The main character is likeable in an odd way, like you find her funny but probably wouldn’t want to actually be associated with her – and the way Kinsella portrays her shopaholicness will probably ring very true for anybody who is a bit obsessed with shopping *cough*notmewhospent£50inbookssunday*cough*.

One of my favourite things about the main character is that she has flaws. She know she spends too much money and she also knows she makes excuses (read as: flat out lies multiple times) to get herself out of trouble, but that’s what fleshes her out and makes her more real.

I mean it is quite similar to all of the rom-commy books, but that’s what I like. I kind of like to be able to pick out parts of what is happening and the ‘ooh does he doesn’t he like you???!!!!’

You do, however, spend half of the time reading cringing. Wishing you could shout at the book and make them change their decisions. I swear I was 50% reading 50% cringing the whole time.

I’d definitely recommend this book if you want a quick read and a giggle.

Now my exam is over I think the rest of her books are next on my list to be read. I am now on a spending ban so if you hear me say I’ve bought anything new (after the book haul and makeup haul of course) please slap me.

Thanks for reading!!


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