A Book Haul

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Hi everyone! So as you may (or may not) be aware, I am a complete shopaholic. I get quite obsessed with a hobby and spend hideous amounts of money on said hobby before giving up and moving onto something else.

This may be illustrated by my 10 sets of colouring pencils (while I spend approximately 0.1% of my year colouring) or my near 100 games on Steam (my computer has not been loaded up and played for longer than an hour in about a month).

Aaaanyway. At the moment I’m quite into reading. I mean, I’ve always been into reading so this isn’t a fad for a week, but I feel I have gone sliiiightly overboard.

When I was at home for an evening I went through my cardboard box of old books and decided I. Needed. All. Of. My. Books. Back. Not just one, or two. All of them. AND these books were largely made up of book-day-token-books and random christmas presents. This meant that I had missing items for a whole collection. Something I hate. An excuse to shop.

So I went about my week (I am now on a spending ban as we are off to London in just over a month for BB’s birthday and a long awaited trip to Warner Bros Tour woohoo) buying the odd book here or there. I also bought a book which has been out on lend to my mum so that isn’t pictured but other than that my weekly purchases are shown above.

1. The Princess Diaries Vol 1 – 10; £18.99 from Lowplex

I used to have these books (at least 8 of them) I swear! I must have given them away, because they were not in my pile of crap. Knowing they weren’t there was driving me crazy and I decided I just had to read them again.

I’m not sure how many of these I read before, I only remember there being 8 books and there are actually 11 (and yes I only got 10 fml) so I’m quite excited to read these again.

2. Lottie Biggs is (not) desperate & (not) tragic; £5.40 from eBay

I received the first edition of this book (Lottie Biggs is (not) Mad) when I was a lot younger. I always remember loving this book and the author and not realising there were actually more in the series. This was the first book set I decided to finish for two reasons. 1. The books were dirt cheap and 2. I just loved them.

I’ve never heard of anybody reading these books before and I will be doing a more indepth review in the near future (at point of writing I have already read both books) but please read them.

3. My Not So Perfect Life; £5.00 from Asda

I purchased this book in Asda for no reason whatsoever except that my mum wasn’t sure whether or not she’d read it before. And I knew I hadn’t. It was 2 for a tenner and I also purchased a Marian Keyes book which my mother still has in her posession.

4. Here’s Looking at You & You Had Me At Hello; £11.99 from Lowplex

Lowplex require a £30 spend before free postage and I quite liked the other Mhairi McFarlane books I read so I thought eh, why not? This was just me being dumb and spending money for no reason. I have no excuses.

5. The Shopaholic Series, books 1, 2 & 4; £5.00 from WHSmiths

You did not misread. They actually sold books 1, 2 and 4. No 3. Pewwwww. This was only a fiver, which was too good of a deal to miss out (new books are normally £7.99 each) even though it did mean I have two copies of book 1. Oh, and when I ordered the third book on eBay they sent me the fourth book again. So I have two copies of that. Basically, I paid a fiver for the 2nd book. Which is still less than retail price. Woopah.

I have book five & six of the series, that my mum got me when I was a lot younger. She thought that book five was book one, and book six book two. So when we both found out there were actually four more books prior to this we both felt like dummies.

Oh well.

Have any of you guys read these books? What did you think? What are your favourite books?

Thanks for reading,



  1. OH MY GOD I’M A COMPLETE SHOP A HOLIC TOO! Absoloutley LOVE a good shop, it makes me feel so much better if I’m sad! But love love love The Princess Diaries. Have you seen the films? If you haven’t then you HAVE too oh my god they are amazing and always will be some of my favourite films. Also I’ve read a good fair few of the shopaholic book collection by Sophie Kinsella. I think she is a fab author, what did you think of them? her collection has seemed to have grown looking at her now! x

    1. I just finished the princess diaries books for the 2nd time! Ah i’ve been meaning to watch the movies but I’m such a scrooge when it comes to remakes of books. Angus Thongs, I can’t even watch because I’m constantly picking faults and p*ssing everyone off lol. And I already saw that Mia is NOT BLONDE In the movie so I’m sure I’d just be irritating!!! Haha x

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