Makeup Monday #1 – not my favourite drugstore foundations…

I am a complete make-up addict. I don’t earn unlimited amounts of money, so most of my make-up comes from the drugstore and then I splurge on the odd item that I think is worth it (hoola bronzer & im real mascara yassssss please)! Anyway, my point is, I’m always looking for solid reviews on drugstore items so I thought maybe I’d do some of my own. Even if it helps just one person.

The first review is 3 drugstore foundations that I heard a lot of hype about yet when I actually purchased them they fell below my expectations. Bare in mind this is only a personal preference and my skin is dry and oily (combo) so that may be why!

1. L’Oréal Paris – Infallible 24hr Matte foundation £8.99 at Boots

I had been hearing about this foundation EVERYWHERE! I am usually a huge fan of L’Oréal foundations, so as soon as I could I went and purchased this.

First things first, I freaking hate them squeeze tubes! Don’t ask me why because I couldn’t answer, but they are not my friend. I just feel like after one full face POOF, empty already.

I put one layer of this on with a damp beauty blender (as I always do) but I just felt like nothing was going on. This foundation is meant to be high coverage but even after 2 layers I could still see most of my spots and red patches under the foundation.

This foundation is actually a shade to dark for me, so I was a bit worried when applying that I would look super orange. BUT due to the little coverage, you could barely notice the colour difference. I found as well, the foundation started to oxidise slightly on my face and leave me with a slightly orange forehead but that may be down to the colour difference.

I think this would be quite a nice foundation if you wanted medium coverage, however when labelled as high coverage you expect high coverage.

I know L’oreal do a few other infallible foundations, so maybe one of the others is better.

I must admit, this definitely isn’t the woooorst foundation in the world, I just feel like there are much better foundations that could be purchased.


2. L’Oréal Paris – True Match foundation £9.99 superdrug

This was another foundation that I saw everywhere. Mainly on TV (damn you, L’Oréal and your enticing adverts!) and I just HAD to give it a go.

The first thing I noticed was just how light it was. I am usually shade ivory, however this was way too light for my skin. Well… it would have been, if it even began to sit on my face.

I did one layer of the foundation and it just resulted with me smearing the same bits of foundation over my face. It dried in streaks across my cheeks. You know when you’ve been crying uncontrollably and your foundation streaks down your face? Well, I feel like the first layer achieved that exact look.

After a second layer the foundation didn’t look so bad, and once covered up with concealer it actually gave quite a nice finish. But, I had to cover most of my face in concealer to achieve that look. If I wasn’t in a rush to leave the house as I was that day, I would probably have started my make-up from scratch.

I also found the consistency of the foundation quite runny, when I squirted the dollop on my hand it started to run all the way down my hand. I’m a very clumsy person, I need that foundation to stay where I place it or there will be problems!

One good thing about this foundation, it does not oxidise at all. And it mixes well. I’ve been mixing it with my go to Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation (which I accidentally purchased in a shade darker in a rush) and it creates a really lovely finish. So if you ever did buy this foundation and weren’t sure about it alone – try it mixed with another.


3. Revlon – Colorstay foundation in Combination/Oily £12.99 Boots

This foundation was probably the biggest disappointment of them all. For £12.99, you would expect a fairly good quality foundation.

I’d never tried Revlon foundation before, but I have always really rated their lipsticks and I love their concealer so I thought I’d give this a go. I did buy it on offer, so the price doesn’t really bother me but I definitely wouldn’t buy it again.

Like the L’oreal True Match, I noticed that the foundation was of a very runny consistency. This was fine until I tried to apply it to the face. A lot of reviews online said that a little goes a long way, but I have to disagree. I found that I was dabbing my blender into the foundation again and again and again to get a coverage look.

The first time I tried this out I honestly thought I’d accidentally made my notes for the L’oreal True Colour foundation on this, because they were so similar(ly bad)! However, after trying both out a couple of times I realised they were different foundations, just both… Not to my taste.

Once I put on two coats, the foundation looked okay. And the finished look was fairly nice, however I believe for the price you could get something much better for much less.


As always said, these opinions are completely my own, and please do not get offended if these are your favourites! My skin is slightly odd, and I am a bit of a scrooge when it comes to spending money.

My 100% go to foundation is the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation. It is only £7.99 at Boots and I have repurchased this foundation more times than I care too admit.

I will carry on trying out other drugstore foundations and letting you know. What are your go to drugstore foundations?

Thank you for reading,



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  3. TOTALLY agree with the loreal true match perfection foundation. My grandma actually saw it on TV and got it for me when she went away to try out and it’s SO running I couldn’t get to grips with it what-so-ever! I found out that I much prefer a more thicker foundation for sure. Have you tried any foundations from Rimmel? x

    1. it’s rank! YES, the rimmel lasting finish is my go to. I have been mixing my more liquid foundation with that new uhmmm… moussey almost foundation (name has gone out the brain) and it is not so bad. x

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